Ajay John

Ajay John

I tinker, therefore I am.

Welcome to my project archive!

Oh, seems like you were motivated enough to dig further into my site and view my first post! Well, with the full awareness that my site’s readership would mostly consist of tracker bots and few humans would ever stumble upon this hyper-obscure site, I’d still like to call out how I intend to use this site.

  • This collections page would serve as the place where I post excerpts from all the wonderful articles that I often come across on the internet, mostly for my own reference but also so that I can share them with friends/colleagues.
  • As for the projects page, I’d like to see myself write some articles or DIY guides there. Though, I seriously doubt if any of them would be of much value considering all the great articles that already exist on the internet. However, this might change if I find something unique and interesting that is worth writing about.
  • Finally, if I ever make any of my homelab projects public, then the projects page would be the location where I’ll be posting them first.

You just made it through my first post! YAY!